ATM & Banking

Security You Can Bank On

NVS ATM solutions can capture transaction data and combine it with HD video through metadata indexing for quick retrieval of disputed or suspicious transactions and proven to be highly effective to prevent card skimming and other losses at ATM by providing live monitoring to both law enforcement agencies or to Bank’s own central monitoring stations CMS or an authorized employee through their handheld devices.

The HD IP video and ATM transaction data can be stored at the ATM NVR and at a central archiving server for up to 12-months to meet the requirements of respective Central Banks such as SAMA in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE Central Bank, Qatar National Bank and others.

For the financial market we provide highly robust IP video and integrated security solutions with seamless integration across the entire banking real estate from ATMs, to branches and back office operations.

The Banking solutions we represents have been successfully installed in top banks in the GCC some of them for over a decade and encompass projects with thousands of standalone ATMs, and hundreds of branches seamlessly integrated at the Bank’s CMS to provide actionable intelligence to the headquarter management.

Our suite of optional business intelligence software can significantly enhance the operational efficiency of the Branch operations by integrating advance analytics including, people counting and customer behavior analysis that enhances branch security and significantly improve customer experience by using actionable intelligence to make operational changes.

Our intelligent business solution for Banks combines Teller data and HD camera streams with advance analytics for total situation awareness for management to improve operational efficiency and profits through detailed reports, heat maps, hot spots, dwell time detection and customer counting.